How do I setup an appointment with IECC?

It's easy. Book an appointment online or book and appointment online.

Do I need to be referred to IECC by another Doctor?
No. IECC accepts anyone who feels they can benefit from Medical Marijuana.

Do I have to pay the fee if I do not receive a recommendation?
No, your fee will be returned to you if you do not receive a recommendation.

If I can't get my paperwork, does that mean I won't be recommended marijuana as my medicine?
It is completely up to the doctor to make the determination. A clinic managers or the physician may assist you in getting your medical records to the doctor. The physician may give you a temporary recommendation or ask you to fulfill certain requirements. If you cannot fulfill the requirements that the doctor requested you may be denied. Please make every effort to bring some kind of medical documentation to the clinic. This could include X-rays, MRI's, prescriptions, physician letters, medications or any other documentation showing that you have been to a doctor and have been diagnosed with your condition.

How do I get my physician to send me my records?
You can follow these easy steps to get your medical records. Contact your physician or hospital where you received treatment. Inform them that you will be requesting your medical records. They will inform you on what steps you need to follow. Typically, you will need to provide your physician with a written authorization to release your records. Ask for your physician's fax number and fax your physician a release of medical records form or pick one up here.

What if I receive a temporary recommendation will I have to pay again?
No, your initial fee covers one year of service with the physician. So you can come in for a follow up appointment up to one year at no cost to you.

Does local and state law enforcement recognize medical marijuana and its patients?
To the delight of medical marijuana supporters, the California Highway Patrol has agreed to stop taking cannabis from motorists in routine traffic stops who have a doctor's recommendation. Attorney General Bill Lockyer affirmed that medical marijuana use is sanctioned by California law, despite a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling. CHP officers were told in an Aug. 22 bulletin of the new policy, which now allows patients traveling on state highways to have as much as 8 ounces of marijuana if they had a certified user identification card or written approval from a physician.

If I get a marijuana recommendation will my name be on a state or federal list?
Absolutely not! Your records will remain safe and confidential with us. We consider your privacy the utmost importance.

Does IECC accept insurance?
As of right now, IECC does not accept insurance.

Can you tell me the process of getting a recommendation?
Patients will have to fill out a patient history form along with some other documents and disclosures. You must provide a valid state issued CA ID or Driver's License prior to examination. Once your paper work is ready to go and you have paid your IECC fee, then you meet with the Dr. to get your recommendation. If you qualify you will leave with everything you need that very same day.

What medical documentation should I bring?
Please try to bring some kind of documentation when you come in for an appointment. This includes: actual records, prescriptions, physician's letter, chiropractor's letter, x-rays, MRI's or any other documentation that you think can help.

How do I get my physician to send me my records?
Call your doctor or the hospital where you were treated and tell them you want to request your medical records. They will tell you the process and typically have you sign an authorization to fax to them.

What happens if I have never seen a doctor but I know medical marijuana will help my condition?
IECC can still see you and a doctor may offer you a temporary recommendation with conditions that you must meet within a specified timeframe, typically 3-6 months.

What happens if I've lost or cannot retrieve my records or documentation?
IECC can still see you and a doctor may offer you a temporary recommendation with conditions that you must meet within a specified timeframe, typically 3-6 months.

Do I have to pay twice if I only receive a temporary recommendation?
No, your fee is for one year of service with the physician.

Do I have to be 18?
Typically, IECC does not provide recommendations to minors. In the event of both a serious illness and parental consent, including the parents attendance to the examination, we may issue a recommendation to the patient.

If I become a medical marijuana patient, where do I get my marijuana from?
IECC cannot help you purchase medical marijuana in anyway. This includes advising where to get it from. There are numerous organizations and publications that can help you with that.

What exactly do I get if I receive a recommendation from IECC?
You will get an original and a copy of your physician' recommendation. IECC will provide you with an education folder for even more information for you to take home.

How long will the recommendation last?
Our recommendations are for one year. At that time you need to come see us again and the physician will re-evaluate you.